Chopping away

Whilst chopping wood (again) I stood back for a moment and thought to myself, “there could be a picture here” so I paused, and I thought, and I moved lumps of wood back forth trying to compose the scene. Perhaps in the midst of swinging an axe thinking about art is maybe not the best idea in the world, but at least I stopped this time when I became distracted.Chopping away again

Perhaps I should have just gone out with the sketch pad rather than a camera, although the camera is a quick way of recording something maybe I would have seen the picture better if I’d been trying to sketch it rather than snapping away with the camera. In some ways it says a lot about how digital can hinder as a well as help you, because digital photography is cheap (relatively that is) you can snap away as long as the memory card holds out, search through for any good images and then delete just about everything else. When I was using a roll film camera every frame had to count, and whilst I would bracket exposures on roll film just to make sure of the exposure the time spent on composition was a great deal more than I spend composing with a digital camera – maybe that should be my challenge when I’m holding the camera to try and compose as I would with a roll film camera, bring the 10 stone tripod out of retirement and slow down. Or, I could just pick up a sketch pad and pencil and try to see what is in front of me for a change.

So, when I’ve finished rambling here, I’ll finish chopping wood, and maybe take a moment to sketch in between.

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