Autumn Magic

I enjoy autumn, yes I know summer is nice when you actually see any sunshine, and spring is nice watching the trees start to fuzz up and the greens reappear – as someone who likes astronomy I’m bound to say winter is one of my favourite times, but then I’ve always enjoyed clear nights and crisp days.

Perhaps my main reason for enjoying autumn is the colours and smells that I associate with the time of year. Also after a few months of green green green a change is sometimes welcome. The Horse Chestnut tree in the lane has been on the edge of a colour change for a number of days, then when I looked out yesterday the reds were highlighted in the sunlight and I managed a couple of photograps…

There is of course the possibility that I like autumn as it’s a prelude to the dark nights of winter, but I don’t think that is it, the nights are already dark (if not crisp and clear). I think the main reason I like autumn is the excuse it gives for wandering around with a camera looking for a different angle on an old scene that I’ve photographed to death during spring and summer. There is of course the other effect of autumn on trees, the falling leaves gives a great covering on the ground for photographs of mushrooms, not that I take many mushroom photographs…

So forgetting photography for a while what else is good about autumn? Well, Halloween is not far off, which in turn means that Christmas is really just around the corner πŸ™‚Β  Thinking about it now, perhaps autumn is not that good a time, Halloween and Christmas in close order – only joking, Halloween gives me a chance to pretend I’m ten years old again, yes I have to carve out a turnip and stick a candle inside. As for Christmas, I ever get stressed out about it, I enjoy buying and giving presents and I like the tree taking up half od the living room.

Other Stuff

I started listening to the new Metallica CD this week, it is not too bad, though heavier than I was expected it’s good to have on in the background when you’re sketching or browsing the net. Perhaps I should have it on the mp3 for my time on the treadmill, it may make me run quicker.

I painted something earlier which really does not look like I touched it at all, it’s not my style and was done mainly with acrylics (which I don’t use) perhaps I was possessed πŸ˜‰ I just wish if someone was going to possess me when I paint that it would be someone good! The next piece will be in watercolour, I need to capture the weather in a painting which is not really something I know how to do; the weather has always been there when I paint landscapes, but it’s never been the focus of the painting (if that makes sense).

Edit…. here is the painting πŸ˜‰

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