Comet Lulin

Last night the clouds broke, it’s not quite a miracle but near enough 😉 Sadly even though the clouds had virtually gone the wind was still there (it’s one of the downsides of living on a hillside being exposed to the winds a bit more), so with the wind there was little point digging out the ‘scope I did however manage to get a look at Comet Lulin through binoculars.

Okay, binoculars don’t give you the amazing clarity you see in the wonderful photographs that have been posted online for weeks, what they do give you is a connection with the comet that no photograph can convey. I did not spend long with comet Lulin, but it was an enjoyable viewing. The wind chill was quite bad, so after a quick scan over a few favourites I came inside to warm up with a nice coffee 🙂

Soon we’ll have another good naked eye comet over Cumbria, my camera is already and waiting….

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