Work in progress…

I’ve started on a redesign on this site as you can see, it’ll take some doing as obviously I don’t know what I want as yet 😉 Anyway, suggestions/tips/comments are welcome as always.

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4 Thoughts to “Work in progress…”

  1. H

    Love it! I’d just suggest, if I may, for an OpenID plugin to be added so I can comment using my LiveJournal name, for exampe (as LJ is where I’m reading your feed from). But other than that minor thing, I love the header and the simplicity of the layout – makes the posted images stand out so much more.

    1. Thanks for the comments, I’ll look into adding the OpenID plugin later.

  2. ah I see you have changed it. This is a very very pretty header but now that I’ve seen both ‘online and ontop’ of your site, I can tell that my first impression was the good one. I prefered the black and white one. 😀

    1. Thanks Nadine, I’ve had various votes for which one to select – I’m still split between the two which does not help much 😉

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