Dr. Grordbort’s: The Righteous Bison – Indivisible Particle Smasher

A copy of the review I wrote of the Righteous Bison – Indivisible Particle Smasher 😉

I’d defy anyone to pick up the Righteous Bison (Indivisible Particle Smasher) and not run around their house/flat/workplace/garden zapping everything in sight. Well, it’s what I did, it just felt the right thing to do somehow. Now luckily we don’t have many people living nearby to get concerned over such activities, I would suggest however if you have neighbours who are perhaps a bit more inquisitive than ours, then perhaps you should not try smashing particles outside with this ray gun just yet. That’s not to say you can’t have a lot of fun indoors, you can have endless fun hiding behind doors just so you can jump out, ray gun in hand, and zap everyone that passes you by. Now it may be a good point to make a very small, but sad confession; this is my first ever ray gun (pause for gasp of surprise from everyone who knows me), how I managed to get this far without one I’ll never know. Thankfully, I am now armed, but can only really claim to be slightly dangerous.

Being armed with a Righteous Bison – Indivisible Particle Smasher (hereafter referred to as a RBIPS ;-)) is a strange feeling, unlike a standard ballistics weapon which is essentially a dead lump in your hand, the RBIPS feels different from the moment you pick it up, almost as if it is part of you. Flick the safety/power switch (located on either side for your convenience) and you’ll feel it come to life in your hand with a subtle click and almost imperceptible hum which quickly fades into silence. My first adventure with the RBIPS was in our back garden, I did not want to zap someone by accident, just knowing it was there at my side was comfort and I soon found myself not just walking but strutting around the garden, taking idle pot shots at passing trees and bushes.

Here’s the RBIPS in action earlier today…

From what I’ve been told not every Righteous Bison sold by WETA actually functions as a particle smasher, some apparently are used purely as a display piece. As strange as this sounded to me at first I can understand the reasoning. The RBIPS has a distressed finish giving it the look of a weapon that has been not only been a useful tool but a faithful companion on numerous adventures.

Putting aside the silliness of playing in the garden, this really is the first ray gun I’ve been up close to real or otherwise and I did not know quite what to expect. Removing it from the box the first thing you notice is the packaging has been well designed (or perhaps as an ex-designer packaging is something I notice more that others). Flip the lid and beneath you can see the RBIPS underneath a clear plastic cutout of the weapon, which means if you are that way inclined you don’t even have to open the box if you don’t want to. Not taking it out of the box would be a shame though, it feels nice in the hand, something that makes you realize that not only was it designed to look the part it was designed to feel the part too – attention to detail is something that I can appreciate.

This ray gun really would appeal to so many people, and for the size 10.4” x 15.7” x 3.1” (H x W x D) weighing in at 2.6lbs this is seriously good value for money, have a look at WETA’s site for details on how to buy your very own Righteous Bison – Indivisible Particle Smasher.

Next time I’ll review Dr. Grordbort’s : Victorious Mongoose – Miniature Version, well if I ever find it again 🙂


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  1. How could I miss this most excellent review? Really makes me want to buy one of these nifty thingies!

    1. They are great fun to play with, I need to review the miniature raygun soon.

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