When I think of the phrase “head in the clouds” my mind turns to mountains with their tops disappearing into cloud. This afternoon I sat down to sketch a mountain or two with their tops hidden by cloud, but which mountain to sketch…

Okay, the decision was not that hard to make, my mind has been lost in Middle Earth for a few days and so the Lonely Mountain was a fairly obvious choice. The sketch was just supposed to be a rough outline for me to work from in paint, but I was enjoying the sketch process too much that I had to fill the sheet (if you’ve not tried the Derwent Pencils Onyx range you should, they make sketching so easy). Now that I’ve started with this one image of the Lonely Mountain I really want to try it in paint, maybe later.


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2 Thoughts to “Lonely”

  1. Very nice sketch Graeme, I think it would be a shame to paint it, it does look good this way. 😀

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