Thanks for the crap

This morning we went for a wander around Long Meg and her daughters in the Eden Valley. It was quite pleasant until we saw the amount of crap people leave behind.

For such an ancient site which holds a great deal of meaning for so many it’s sad that people feel the need to adorn the site with various pieces of crap they are too lazy to take away with them. I’m not talking about leaving litter behind – though there is plenty of evidence of that. I’m talking about the things people have tied to a tree next to one of the parking places. Supposedly these pieces of crap are offerings, though who they are offering their crap to is unclear, it’s also doubtful that any spirits or Gods that inhabit the area would really want this crap anyway. It does amuse me in some strange sort of way that often those who decide to leave an offering claim to be ‘in tune’ with nature, if this is the case why do they leave plastics behind that will be around for years to come…
why do they leave metal objects to rust away and fall in fragments to the ground just to stick in the first passing animals foot…
or items with metal ties that can snag anything brushing by…
and whilst some of the crap may pose nicely for arty photographs…
do we really need such pollution at our historic sites?

Fido says no, we don’t…

Anyway, I did take a couple of ‘stone’ photographs 🙂


and this one I’ve named forkintree…

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2 Thoughts to “Thanks for the crap”

  1. ooh blue sky. You have blue sky. Now i’m definitely jealous.

    I agree with you about the crap being put on the trees. Thankfully we don’t have that here.

    1. It was our second day with a bit of blue sky 🙂 not sure how long it will last but we’ll make the most of it!

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