WC #7

Week seven of the weekly challenge πŸ™‚

More crap

My intention at the start of the week was to sketch our chickens, but they’ve not arrived yet :-/ and so I decided to sketch a castle or two. Decisions are brilliant, once made they are never altered, well not much πŸ˜‰ Yesterday, our time in the garden was cut short due to the amount of slurry that was being spread on the field next to the house, it was an amazing smell (and not in a good way) in fact smell is an understatement as you could taste it before you smelt it πŸ˜‰ As they were spreading yesterday we decided to garden today as the smell would have faded a little, but hey, they came back to give it another layer or three. In honour of this my first sketch had to be Mr Brown Stuff…

Mr Brown Stuff

Okay, my mind has not been totally consumed with slurry, I’ve been trying to come to terms with how a landscape would look if it were covered in standing stones, I was thinking more of rolling hills dotted with standing stones at random rather than a Carnac like affair. So this is my initial scribble of Standing Stone Country…

Standing Stone Country

Finally a quick scribble that has been in my head since yesterday, it’s not quite what I was aiming for but I’m going to tweak it for a painting some day.

Over the bridge

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