There’s something wrong here

As I was driving home from work this morning I was in a bit of a hurry, try spending 12 hours in a box and you’d be in a hurry for home too 😉 Anyway, the mist had filled the valleys and was drifting across the fields, looking towards the Pennines I could see the Sun was just clear of the hill tops and was doing its best to break through the mist.

Dawn - small panoramic


I did not look at the images as soon as I arrived home, I had some sleep to catch up on, when I did finally put them onto the computer I realized I’d have some Photoshop work ahead of me 😉 I don’t mean anything drastic like moving a tree or adding something, I had to remove a plethora of dust spots. As I worked my way around the image removing spot after spot the thought struck me, surely there is something wrong when you spend more time correcting the blemishes than you did taking the image in the first place. Perhaps dipping the camera in soapy water would help?

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2 Thoughts to “There’s something wrong here”

  1. I spent some time trying to remove spots from a picture of mine. Eventually I realised they were on my screen, not the image! Doh!!

    1. It’s times like that when the best option is to turn off the computer and start banging your head against the wall 😉

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