WC #10

Week ten of the weekly challenge 🙂

Mish Mash

I had good intentions of sketching early this week and having everything ready, which is why I am again uploading last minute sketches. Okay the first ones are fairly obvious given the new arrivals to the garden –



For some reason though, my mind has been turning more to Niggle this week than anything else, which is why I had a quick Niggle scribble (though it’s really not a Niggle leaf) –


and finally a bit more Tolkien 🙂


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2 Thoughts to “WC #10”

  1. Chickenfoot is a very good band 😉

    Love your chicken portrait, your lines are getting looser, that’s always good when sketching.

    1. Thanks, I’m trying not to hold on too tight and relax a little 😉

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