I started blipping recently, it’s all Julie‘s fault as she’d already started blipping and was grabbing her camera every day and trying to find something different to photograph, so I thought I’d give it a go.One thing that blipfoto does is make you try and take regular photographs, I know you don’t have to, but taking photographs is something I enjoy and so it’s a good excuse to take more photographs.

This morning when I returned home from work the cloud was hanging low over the Pennines and the light was catching some of the fields in the valley. So, after sorting out the chickens I grabbed the camera and took a few photographs. None of them were Earth shattering masterpieces that would pay may way to retirement, and yes I’ve taken similar images in the past but the desire to pick up the camera more and more can only be a good thing. I hope.

Here are my rejects, well, you only upload one photograph a day to blipfoto so some have to fall on the darkroom floor to be swept up at the end of the day 😉




Now it’s time to list to a bit of Mark Knopfler’s Get Lucky, whilst I start on Darren Craske’s the Eleventh Plague which looks interesting (I received a review copy from Darren Craske yesterday thanks to the wonders of technology and twitter ;-))

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