This is why…

…I don’t paint digitally 😉

Recently I started a painting of Rivendell after the Elves had gone on their merry way. My initial sketch made me think I need to plan the painting properly and so the idea came why not try and do it digitally instead of in watercolours. This was really a big mistake, I like using watercolours, I don’t understand them but I do get some sort of physical feedback as I paint. When I was trying to create this digital piece it did not feel ‘real’ to me, it’s not something I can explain very well but there was no sense of connection between me and the image that was appearing on screen. Now, after far too many hours on this ‘thing’ I need to get the watercolours out and play for a while.

So, here is my first, and probably last, digital painting of Rivendell (to show how it came about I’ll start with the pencil sketch ;-))


And the completed piece…


Here’s a couple of close up images…



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