Silliness and Stuff

Okay, the ‘stuff’ first, I’ll be uploading the weekly challenge backlog shortly, well as soon as I’ve found the book with them all in :-/ Now for the silliness. I’ve been busy painting landscapes, and generally being far too serious for my own good. So, when I turned to the theme of the month over on John Howe’s website I had to do something a little more light hearted. The theme this month is ‘Under Sea & Under Wave’, and for this I scribbled a quick Photoshop picture.

When Looney Tunes illustrated the Silmarillion

they may have misread the part about Ulmo – here, Elmer (lord of the seas) makes his way to Tuor.

With apologies to Tolkien, Looney Tunes, Tolkien fans, and generally everyone else.

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