Grumble…. mutter….

Today I bought a toaster, amazing I know. No I’m not about to start posting about every kitchen product I buy, but I will grumble and mutter a bit about this one (and in fact most electrical products you buy these days). My grumble is this….

Do you think the manufacturers sit down at design meetings and say to themselves, “let’s make a nice clean, shiny product, then stick labels on it. So when the customer gets it home they spend 10 minutes covering it in finger prints and scratches trying to remove the label.” I believe this label said “please do not lick the electrical contacts whilst standing in a bath of petrol,” or something equally mind numbingly obvious 😉

So thanks Russell Hobbs, you make a toaster with a R.R.P. of £59.99 and it looks a right old mess once covered in finger prints and label remnants, I just hope it makes nice toast.

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