A little bit quirky

I quite enjoy trying something outside of my comfort zone, it’s too easy to stick to the familiar grounds – which for me would be painting, photographing, and writing about standing stones or the dawn sky (though I will be posting more on the Sunrise topic soon ;-)). So when Zoe Dawes, otherwise known as the Quirky Traveller (or should that be the Quirky Traveller who is also known at times as Zoe Dawes?) asked if I would help her come up with something a bit quirky I decided to jump in with both feet 🙂

Originally the Quirky character was going to be a watercolour illustration, but the colours were quite muted and tame so we opted for a digital rendering of the character which is not something I normally attempt or think of myself as doing. In reality creating the Quirky character digitally was the right option; not only did Zoe get the strength of colour she was after, but it allowed me to use it quickly in a number of ways without worrying if the scan quality was good enough, or whether I’d have to spend hours cleaning and correcting the scan.

Now, the Quirky character is appearing on the front of Zoe’s first publication The Quirky Traveller : Travel Notes with plenty of room for observations and with thought-provoking quotes embellishing the pages to help you along the way, is the ideal companion for both travellers close to home and those who venture far and wide. Zoe Dawes, a noted travel writer and blogger, uses her own quirky take on life and travel to make The Quirky Travel journal a must-have accessory for adventurers, travellers and thinkers alike.

The journal will be published this weekend (30th April 2011) for more information check out the Quirky Traveller website or the Facebook page.

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