I woke fairly early and decided to check the sky, as it was clear I popped out into the garden in the hope of photographing comet Ison. I managed a few ‘star’ photographs before the cloud started to play games, the horizon was clear one minute and obscured the next. I’ve yet to check all the photographs for Ison, but I did like this one star pic.

Before the dawn

In between looking for Ison I turned the camera towards the Moon.

Through the tree

After a while I watched the clouds more than the stars or Moon, the highlight and shadow play was quite interesting to watch 😉

Highlight & Shadow

Fast forward a couple of hours and we’re on our way to collect the animals from their pet hotel and I stopped to take a quick panoramic.

Over the fields

There’s a zoomable version of the panoramic here.

Oh yes, the animals were staying in their hotel as we took a brief trip to Shropshire and while we were there called into Hay-on-Wye…

Hay Castle

Sadly the castle is no longer a bookshop 🙁

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