Today I decided to play with type, I’d had some text in mind for a while but didn’t have the right background for it. Thankfully today I managed a couple of photographs before the Sun came up one of which fit the bill quite nicely. So I tweaked the photograph, trimmed it to size, and then started playing with type.

After a few false starts I was getting somewhere and in the end was fairly happy with the result, then I decided to check the text…..

quote typo

Not a problem, it’s all digital after all 😉 no, hang on, I’d flattened all the files in Photoshop as I wouldn’t need to touch it again would I :-/ There were two options at that point, ignore it or start again…

Plato on Space

Still there have been worse typographical errors in history….

The Wicked Bible

Just to clarify though, my error wasn’t really a typo as –

The term [typo] includes errors due to mechanical failure or slips of the hand or finger, but excludes errors of ignorance, such as spelling errors.

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