The Elydoric Graminoid Adroitness Contrivance

Everyone wonders how some artists and illustrators paint grass so well. Okay, not everyone, a few folk do anyway. There’s even guides on how to paint grass (link) for those of us who can’t figure it out (or even do it with a guide). But the truth which all these artist and illustrators who can realistically paint grass don’t tell you is they use a machine. Student-portThe Elydoric Graminoid Adroitness Contrivance was invented in 1983 by John Howe and he’s kept it hidden for years locked away in his attic only renting it out to a select few, luckily I discovered the truth hidden in a drawing by John which after some digital trickery revealed a few secrets 😉

I’m just hopeful that in posting the truth about the Elydoric Graminoid Adroitness Contrivance I won’t encounter the wrath of the Illustrators and Artists Grass Painting Society, it does exist, look it up on Google (other search engines available).

A Contrivance


Original illustration (c) John Howe

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