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Fvgit inreparabile tempvs – well time may be irretrievable, but at least we can record some of it as it passes us by. I was out yesterday for my morning wander before the Sun popped up over the Pennines, it was pleasant wandering in the moonlight with the wind shaking the trees just enough to dislodge a leaf or two and make the clouds hurtle by. So enjoyable was the experience that I returned home, grabbed the camera and tripod and decided to take a couple of photographs…


I know I shouldn’t have left the light on, but it was dark and Hugo (the dog) may have been frightened all alone 😉 This next one has a nice colour to it, until you realize that the orange/yellow has nothing to do with the approaching dawn but everything to do with light pollution illuminating the clouds.



After taking a few photographs I decided to try a small timelapse, it’s been a while since I tried one but it was fun to set the camera up and let it run for a while.


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2 Thoughts to “fvgit inreparabile tempvs”

  1. Great stuff! I love the time-lapse. I’ve noticed you can do them on the iPhone now, I want to experiment with that.

    1. Graeme

      Yes I’ve not really tried it on the iphone as if need some sort of tripod or support. May have to prop it up and try it out.

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