More glass

More stained glass practice… this time it was all joined by lead came rather than copper foil/solder. It proved harder than I thought it would mainly down to a problem with the lead came, the heart of the came was off centre so it ran off at odd angles and made it difficult to hold the glass in place. As it was only a practice piece I carried on rather than order new lead (which I should maybe have done), cementing was interesting and something I need to practice a…

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The Dark Side of the Shire

When I saw that this months theme over on John’s website was the Dark Side I was about to start on something from Star Wars. Then I thought there’s more dark sides around that we don’t instantly think about, such as Ted Sandyman, a shady character who ended up helping the wrong side when Saruman popped into the Shire. I decided to play with the doodle in After Effects 😉

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The last four months have been elemental themes over on John Howe’s website, so I decided at the start to do a segmented piece that would eventually come together at the end. The text was something relevant to do with the four elements from Ancient Greek which I decided to translate (don’t ask me why) into Klingon, strange what goes through your mind sometimes.

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