Griping about Gripes

Eighteen months or so ago we bought a new gripe (okay, garden fork, I think the word gripe hasn’t spread far from West Cumbria ;-)). Anyway, I’ve always liked traditional garden tools and so opted for a Joseph Bentley gripe…



It was, I have to say a pleasure to use (or at least as pleasurable as any implement can be when you’re digging the garden). It was always looked after (it cost a bit more than the cheaper own brand DIY store products so we thought it worth cleaning after use and storing carefully on its own hook). So it was a little disappointing when I was digging in the garden and this happened….


From what I could see the stainless steel section that broke was just a thin piece of metal and set in the middle was a thicker piece of metal, but not the solid construction I’d imagined. I wouldn’t mind so much if it had been abused and left to rot in the garden between uses. We’re now down to a small border fork for digging the rest of the veg plot until we find a suitable replacement :-/

UPDATE:- a couple of hours after emailing Joseph Bentley about the fault they’d been in touch to resolve my gripe, can’t fault their customer service at all.

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  1. Hi Graeme,
    We’re very sorry to see that your Joseph Bentley Fork fell short of your expectations. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any problems this may have caused you in your gardening; rest assured that this is below the standard of quality we aspire to within the Joseph Bentley range.

    A member of our Customer Services team will get in touch with you shortly to help rectify this issue.

    Kind regards,

    Joseph Bentley

  2. On a slightly different (or kitchen) note; my best cutlery was made in Japan, and they’re like 3 or 4 generations (in cutlery set years) old. Everything bought since has literally fallen to pieces. LOL

    It’s a shame that Prestige, the kitchen knives maker don’t do cutlery on one of those stands with the hooks on (and that also doesn’t cost & arm and a leg), because those knives are the freeping best.

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