Staedtler Mars Lumograph 100 G19 Asst Soft Grades Tin

I always like to try out different art materials/supplies and as I needed a to restock my pencil pots I bought some of these along with the bulk buy of Derwent 3B’s 😉



The tin is hinged down the side rather than the top or bottom which means it fit on my desk easier (when I use a set of pencils I like the set out above whatever I’m working on so if the hinge is on the top or bottom of the tin it can take up too much space). On opening the tin the first thing I noticed was the 4 softest grades in the set were sharpened to a different point that the other pencils, something that niggled me just a little – perhaps it’s a sign of OCD, but they were calling out to be sharpened all to the same length.

My first sketch with any new pencil has to be of course Gandalf’s hat, here using a 4H…


I then went on to sketch a portrait using a few more pencils from the set – well, nearly all of them…


They do sharpen very well using a craft knife, the wood cuts cleanly and smoothly so you don’t end up jerking and hacking at the lead. The only negative I have with them is the leads appear to be a bit on the hard side compared to what I’m used to and they take a little more work to get any strength to darker shades.


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