Falling Apart

I’ve been using the Winsor & Newton sketchbooks for some time now. Yesterday I was enjoying myself sketching away in my Winsor & Newton A3 Heavy Weight Casebook Sketchbook, it was quite a nice sunny day which made a change 😉 and I noticed the sketchbook was starting to get a bit warm – but then it has a black cover and as I say it was sunny so there was little I could do. After a while the page I was sketching on fell out, I was a little surprised as you’d imagine and I wondered if I’d been a little rough with the page and tore the perforation. No, it wasn’t just one page that had detached itself from the binding but four. My attempts to push the page back into position were fruitless and any thoughts of carrying on sketching were soon dispelled as more and more pages detached themselves from the book. So now I have a nice black binder with pages falling out everywhere :-/



The problem I have now is, do I replace it with another W&N sketchbook, I like the paper as it’s good quality and I’m used to the grain, but I don’t want another book to suffer the same fate as this one.

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  1. Betray them. Buy Daler-Rowney.

    Or better yet, say you’ll go over to the competition unless they supply you with free sketchbooks. 🙂

    1. I had a Daler-Rowney A4 on the shelf raring to go (with a nice wavy blue cover too ;-)), I also have an A3 Moleskine in the cupboard, but I’ve only had it a year or two and need to build myself up before starting it 🙂

  2. Hi

    I just bought a A4 sketchbook from Windsor and newton and same things happening after a WEEK I bought it because it was a W+N product because i trust the brand and always found them to be reliable with there other products, they should either bind there books better or not make them at all in my oppinion.

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