Going smokeless

The alternative title “Feeling Letdown By Lakeland Limited” didn’t feel as catchy…

In September we had a run out and visited Lakeland Limited in Windermere, as we were on leave and felt like a trip through the Lakes. During our visit I noticed a food smoker on offer, it was something I’d been looking to buy for some time and this particular model was on sale so we bought one. Now if you’re not familiar with these food smokers they’re quite simple, put some wood-chips in the little bowl, set fire to them and switch on the smoker which pumps air through the little bowl and pushes smoke through a pipe which you direct towards whatever you want to smoke. We used the food smoker a couple of times and really enjoyed the results.

Then we went smokeless…

Less than three weeks after purchase I went to smoke some ingredients for our evening meal, the smoker didn’t switch on. I wondered if the batteries had been from a dodgy batch so I changed them (okay, this involved a 14 mile round trip to the shop to buy some but that was my fault for not having replacements available). Batteries changed and I flipped the switch, nothing, not a wisp of smoke or more precisely not a whirr from the motor in the smoker. Now in the past we’ve had to contact Lakeland Limited customer services a couple of times and had excellent service so we didn’t imagine this would be any different, so I looked for the receipt to return the smoker but it was no where to be seen. I decided to contact Lakeland Limited anyway, I gave them all the details of the smoker being faulty, and told them I’d lost the receipt but provided details of the purchase (total amount, date etc.). The following day I received an email to say they were going to get their finance department to verify the purchase and would be in touch, a couple of days pass and I’d heard nothing else and wanting to get the smoker replaced so I could use it again I got in touch. Lakeland Limited replied that their finance department could take a few days to find and verify the transaction but should reply within a week.

Well, it’s well over a week and nothing, yes, I could chase them again but why should I have to? What happened to companies actually doing what they promise or actually caring about customer satisfaction. As I said in the past we have contacted their customer services a couple of times in the past and they have been faultless in the way they handled things so it’s sad to see such a drop in service from them. The smoker is now in Flusco recycling and I get to buy a replacement if I want to smoke food again.

UPDATE – I posted a link to this review to Lakeland Limited via Twitter and we resolved the issue to a certain extent.

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