Byrddæg Wyscan

Bloemfontein, 3rd of January 1892, J. R. R. Tolkien is born, fast forward one hundred and twenty two years and I’m photographing a button 🙂

The connection between Tolkien being born and the button? Well…..

….if Tolkien hadn’t been born he’d not have started writing, if he’d not started writing he could never have written the Hobbit, if he’d not written the Hobbit they’d not have made the films, if they’d not made the films they’d never have made the acorn buttons for Bilbo’s waistcoat, and if they’d not made the acorn buttons for the film then Weta would not have started selling replicas of them 😉

Acorn Button

So happy birthday professor 🙂

Oh yes, don’t forget the birthday toast tonight.

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