The run around…

I’m on the run around, every day gets shorter as the list of things I try to fit into the day gets longer and longer. When the night shifts appear, working suddenly takes up more than 50% of the day, with 12 hours spent actually working and nearly an hours travel either side adds up to no time at all to do what I really want to. Thankfully the end of nights is in sight and I’ve some leave scheduled which may give me time to stretch some paper and actually paint something which is really what I want to do right now. In reality the run around will likely continue in ever decreasing circles to a point where I’ll look like a dog chasing it’s own tail.

So I hope very soon to have time to paint and perhaps a little time to write something – when I say write something I don’t mean a paragraph or two here, I mean a chapter or two of something new 😉

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