Still Lonely

Yesterday I uploaded the Lonely Mountain sketch here, today after much hair pulling I finished a quick water colour of the mountain.

As the theme I was painting for was cloud orientated the clouds needed to be prominent, sadly my first clouds looked a lot like a load of blobs and held no resemblance to any clouds I’ve ever seen.


My solution was to paint another sky and photoshop it into place, not something I am prone to doing but it saved me painting the whole piece again.


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4 Thoughts to “Still Lonely”

  1. Honestly, for what it’s worth, I liked this piece much more than what you usually do, even thinking your mountain and rock to be great. Well, I pretty much liked everything except the clouds. (although they’re better in the second picture).

    I thought that John’s critique was a bit harsh about your work. I know I would probably have been devastated if I had been in your shoes, although, I agree that he also did give good advice, especially speaking about the river’s color. Should I tell you that before he said that I actually was jealous of your river, cause it was looking so good to me… mmm.

    oh. Alice Cooper on the radio. jeez. well. That was all I had to say about that … uuuh. I don’t like Alice Cooper.

    1. Thanks for the comments Nadine; I put it up for feedback because it did not quite click with me, I knew something was wrong and could not see it for myself. I was far from devastated by John’s comments (people have said far worse about my worse in the past), well, as long as comments are constructive I’m happy to read/hear them. I just need to try harder 😉

  2. Yes, it’s somewhat reconforting to know that even the best can do a poor job if they don’t work hard. In that regard, we’re all even. Sometimes, I think it’s all hard work for just a tiny moment of grace, but then, what a great moment it is, isn’t it? 😀

    I just did a portrait tonight and it’s Shhhhiii…yyy. can I use swear words on your blog? 😉

    1. You can swear I can’t 🙂

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