From the Edge

I was reading The Weirdstone of Brisingamen the other day trying to get inspired for a theme of the month picture over at John Howe’s website and it really only took a few pages to get lost in the landscape. It could be the long winter catching up with me, not getting to see as much of the countryside as I’d like, or it could just be pure escapism but I had to try and capture something quickly before it faded away….

From the Edge

Okay, it may not resemble the landscape Alan Garner was really thinking of when he wrote the book, but this is more of a feeling of the place than an attempt to place every blade of grass 😉

Now I need to research the area a bit more and try a watercolour of the landscape.

I must say a big thank you to Becky for sending me the books 🙂 it’s always good to receive inspiration in the post.

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