In 1976….

….Blue Öyster Cult sang a jolly little ditty (Don’t Fear) The Reaper, well, I don’t 😉 I do fear however fear the new sketchbook that arrived yesterday. Strange thing to fear really a sketchbook, but this is the A3 Moleskine folio sketchbook and I just know the first thing I attempt in it will be dire. Perhaps I should put it on a shelf for a while and let the fear and nerves subside – or maybe I should grab a pencil and attack it until it submits 😉

On the shelf it is then…….

Oh yes, if the reaper comes anywhere near me I’ll Melvin him* If I can survive this new sketchbook that is of course.

I was just wondering what else happened in 1976 besides a cult of chilly oysters singing about the reaper; and of course I turned to Wiki to find out –

  • Apple Computer Company is formed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak**.
  • The Jovian-Plutonian gravitational effect is first reported by astronomer Patrick Moore. <Nice one Sir P.M.
  • The Eurovision Song Contest 1976 is won by Brotherhood of Man, representing the United Kingdom, with their song Save Your Kisses for Me. <Now I wish I’d never gone to Wiki…

*only two people in the World will get that joke, and neither of them will find it funny.

**one day later a few people around the World started a petty hate campaign against them and decided to deride everything they produced good or bad

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  1. Starting with dire may well be a good thing, when its is followed by the good and rounding off with great!

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