365 down….

….hopefully a few more to go 😉

Yesterday was one of those minor milestones that means little to anyone else but the person directly involved, I won’t ask you to guess what the milestone was, or we could possibly be here all day and night 😉 Last year I started blipping, for those of you who are unaware of blipfoto.com you should really check the site out, if you have an interest in photography it’s a great site to get you motivated into taking photographs regularly. My original intent when I signed up to the site was to have a continuous year of photographs, one a day without fail. Sadly, with the best will in the World it proved impossible for me to achieve – I take my hat off to those that manage it. So my 365th blip took a little over a year to accomplish, still, waiting those few extra days meant that I had nice light for the milestone photograph.

Why do I like blipfoto you may well ask, well, it’s fun to flip through your own images, picking dates at random to see what you were doing and where. Also it’s interesting to flick through other peoples blips at random to see things that have caught their eye during the day. My first blip unsurprisingly was a sunrise, and my 365 images contained quite a few of them, here’s the first though…

and here is my 365th blip….


While I was out for a wander this morning I wondered what all my 365 blips would look like collected together, so, in no particular order, here are my 365 blips…


You can find more about blipping and blipfoto here and you can find my blipfoto page here.

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