What the hell is a bouncy druid….

It’s hard to imagine a druid as being bouncy, well, just consider some of the activities they’re known for, (here described by Pliny the Elder) “A [druid] priest arrayed in white vestments climbs the tree and, with a golden sickle, cuts down the mistletoe, which is caught in a white cloak. Then finally they kill the victims…” Mr Elder didn’t mention at any point during the ritual that the druids were particularly bouncy at all. Though perhaps a certain amount of bouciness would occur after lighting the blue touch paper of a wicker man, Cicero makes no reference to them bouncing, nor does Lucan, Suetonius or Caesar.

So why you may ask would I suddenly be wondering how bouncy a druid would be, and whether a certain amount of bounce would be part of their daily ritual. Well, in August we went to see Mitch Benn perform at the Edinburgh Fringe.

I've got a golden...

During the Reduced Circumstances show there was a song about bouncy druids, it was one of those songs that get inside your head and refuses to leave 😉

A week or so after the show and I was playing around with a bit of typography and getting nowhere fast, still the druids bounced through my brain and I decided it was time to pry them lose. So, I set about creating a bouncy druid bit of typography. Something however was missing, the design needed something, it needed a bouncy druid or two. Luckily, I had the perfect reference images, we’d spent the week in Fife following the show and visited a touristy place with a huge bouncy pillow ‘thing’ which our neice decided to try out…


So, that was my reference material sorted, the rest was easy 😉


Once the design was finished I stuck it online, and tweeted a copy to Mitch Benn who suggested using it as a design for a t-shirt. Well, I couldn’t resist could I 😉 link

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