Horrible Horrible Light Pollution

Driving home this morning I decided to take a couple of photographs to show how bad light pollution in this area has become. Farms are now lit up brighter than Blackpool and Penrith is bathed in such a horrendous glow I’m surprised there’s any wildlife left. However, back to the farm…

…there area a number of farms in the area that have taken to illuminating their yards/barns/fields to such a degree that the Sun is no longer needed, in fact I’m sure some of those installing lights are trying to bounce their lights back off the Sun.

Very Poor

It’s perhaps not instantly evident from the photograph but I’m positioned slightly above this farm, not only am I slightly higher in altitude but I’m on a road around a mile from the barn. I wonder at the mentality of some folk, not only do they feel the need to illuminate every inch of their surroundings but they need to illuminate the sky spoiling it for everyone in the area. There’s one thing we can be sure of though, this particular farmer can’t claim to be hard up financially, if they can afford to illuminate the sky then they must have money to burn.


After photographing the farm I turned to the horizon with Penrith beyond the tree line. It’s shocking really to think that the photograph I took looked more like a sunset/sunrise all because of the light pollution created by poorly installed and thought out lighting

Penrith Light Pollution

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