Code Name ‘deFender’

Back in the mists of time, okay forty odd years ago, some military genius said “what our troops really need to keep moral up on the battlefield is a good guitar so they can rattle off some good licks after battle.” So, the military hierarchy got round a table and decided that a bog standard electric guitar would be far too weak to survives being thrown into the back of tanks, used as clubs when guns jammed, and generally mistreated. After hours of head scratching, cursing, doodling on paper, checking Google, asking passing strangers, they decided the only solution was to make an armoured guitar.

Many hours of shaping metal, grinding, welding went into creating the prototype, then they realized their mistake, it was too bloody heavy to pick up and play. So the developers threw it into the back of the shed and forgot all about it. Jump forward forty odd years and the ‘deFender’ was discovered, still playable (if you can lift it), the paint however has fallen away and the metalwork has been covered in rust…


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