I was told to wax lyrical about myself in this section, but it always feels awkward doing "about me and my website" text. The majority of visitors to this site probably already know me, some will know more about me than I know myself, and some will know more than they care to πŸ˜‰ But for those of you that don't know a thing about me here goes, remember to stop me when you've heard enough, I may ramble a bit. Actually, I can summarize for those that don't know me quite easily - I live and work in the Eden Valley, Cumbria. I divide my time between painting stuff, designing stuff, photographing stuff, and sometimes sleeping. There will be a longer, and somewhat inaccurate biography added to the site at some time (it may already be there and I've not yet edited this text, sorry, I get distracted quite easily). There was also the suggestion that I add a nice self portrait to go with this text, but come on, you'd rather see a photo of Hugo than me wouldn't you πŸ™‚