To the memory of Celebrían

Many moons ago I started work on an illustration, it was a simple idea, however the execution of the piece took a little longer than anticipated 😉 The theme I was working towards was Statuesque over on John Howe’s website –  so I decided to illustrate the statue placed high above Rivendell to the memory of Celebrían, though the scene shown is many years after the last of the Elves had left for the West so the statue was in a poor state of repair….

Water and Trees

Just to prove I still exist I’m posting a couple of recent photographs 😉 Earlier this month I went out to wander in the wood with the camera, not that I ended up taking many photographs worth sharing, but I did take a lot of reference photographs for drawing/painting. Then a couple of days ago I popped down to the stream to play with the Lee Big Stopper filter – it extends exposure time and gets movement in the water, before you use the filter though you need to take a test photograph to work out the exposure/composition/focus as you can’t see anything with the filter in place. Turned out I prefered the non filter shot 😉