100 Shades of Grey

I had a small piece of watercolour board left over from the last project so I decided to practice mixing greys, as you do πŸ˜‰ Needing a subject I opted to paint one of Tolkien’s illustrations of the Lonely Mountain. Grey has never been an easy colour to mix for me so the rubble strewn and scorched landscape surround the front gate  was an ideal subject.

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In the quiet of the world

Tangents are quite interesting at times, and also quite frustrating. A while ago I started to think what the view would be from Bilbo’s front door if you reversed the Shire map (by Tolkien)… This of course led me to the illustration by Tolkien of the Hill… Which of course meant I needed to know how those buildings would look from the other side, the easiest solution of course is to do a quick mock up in 3D… In the end, sitting doodling was an easier solution to getting the…

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