The circle of doubt

A year or two ago I had an idea, which isn’t all that unusual, I have far too many ideas at times. Anyway, this idea kept surfacing and I pondered and played around with it, not actually doing much in reality though. Then, other ideas and projects came and pushed this one aside and well into the back of my mind, whilst I liked the idea it was complicated, needed quite a bit of research and even more skill to achieve what I wanted. Then, a few weeks ago I…

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It would have been unwise…

We decided to stay up a bit later than usual last night to catch a glimpse of C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) – hereto known after as Neowise, or Neo the Wise. Anyway, we sat and watched the sky change and the stars slowly appear, it became a little chilly so I grabbed a glass of whisky (I’ve got to consider my health after all ;-)). The horizon where Neo the Wise would be putting on its show was cloudy, the cloud gradually built up so we retreated inside. Scroll forward a…

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Tirith Aear

I’d call this a small doodle, but in reality it’s 73x54cm 😉 I decided to do something in carbon pencil again as I haven’t used them for a while, so I ended up trying a Tolkien themed piece – Tirith Aear, now I’ve tried this version of it a version in oil might be in order. Whilst the majority of this was completed in carbon pencil I did add some highlights back in photoshop as they vanished when I snapped the photo of it.

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