This months theme over on John Howe’s website is Merlin… Bit of an Arthurian theme here – Merlin the enchanter in all his various forms and origins, from Taliesin, Myrrddin, etc., all the way through to The Once and Future King. I went on a bit of a wander, with the pencil that is, and I spent far too much time sketching Camelot high on a hill, with plenty of mist. So it’s only appropriate that I ended up painting Merlin, lost in thought and in the wood πŸ˜‰

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The circle of doubt

A year or two ago I had an idea, which isn’t all that unusual, I have far too many ideas at times. Anyway, this idea kept surfacing and I pondered and played around with it, not actually doing much in reality though. Then, other ideas and projects came and pushed this one aside and well into the back of my mind, whilst I liked the idea it was complicated, needed quite a bit of research and even more skill to achieve what I wanted. Then, a few weeks ago I…

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