Confessions of a weak willed bloke…

I have something of a confession to make it is nothing Earth shattering, there will be no sudden confession of murder (as I have not committed such a crime as yet, and I don’t really intend to either). Nor will there be a confession of theft, reckless driving, drunkenness, or in fact any crime of any sort. No, this confession is one that many will share, that I possess not one ounce of self control.

My day had been planned, not well planned I’ll be the first to admit, but since leaving the house this morning for work I decided it was time to catch up with some reading. Now I have a couple (okay ten) of books in the car, and it was decided by the time I arrived at work it would be the complete Sherlock Holmes that was the book of the day. Once at work I quickly arranged my gear as usual and put the kettle on for a cup of strong(ish) coffee to start my working day with. Whilst making the coffee I started to think about which scene from the Lord of the Rings I would attempt to illustrate next – as it’s the current theme of the month over at

By 0600hrs I was drinking my coffee and reading away quite happily, or was I? The words started to perform a vanishing trick somewhere between the page and my brain, I am fairly sure they made it past the eyes and to maybe took a wrong turn soon after. For some strange reason farmer Maggot was replacing Sherlock on the page. After a pause and a slurp of coffee (it was too hot), I determined to ignore the farmer, exert some self control and continue with the book. It is therefore not much of a shock that ten minutes later I was sitting merrily sketching away trying to work out how the farmer would look, along with the rest of his surroundings, items laying around in the farm yard…

Surely there must be a way of exerting some self control, the desire to create things has always been strong, but at the same time I’ve been able to control it rather than it controlling me. On the positive side though farmer Maggot is coming along in leaps and bounds. Whether he’s coming along well or not is something I will find out later.

It would not be so bad if this was a one of incidence, but the number of times I sit down to do a specific task and end up with a pencil in my hand is embarrassing. This sketch book by the way was the one reserved soley for sketches of Niggle, he is in there, though perhaps not as much as he should be.

Maybe I’ll take a course “how to exert self control and resist the urge to draw and paint”.

My routine will soon be changed though as we have a week in Paris to distract me, so there’s no chance of any artistic influence or inspiration there!

If anyone needs me whilst I’m away you can always text me, my phone won’t be on all the time but I’ll get to it eventually. If you do text, please say who you are as my lovely new phone wiped out all my contact details.

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