Niggle 1

Right I have read “Leaf by Niggle” again, and I’ve come up with a rough list of pieces to try and illustrate. However, I’ll probably change my mind and illustrate some completely different pieces. So here is the rough list…..

Cover – Niggle painting a leaf (shock horror), or number 16 – burnt leaf, I could likely spend more time on design ideas than illustration.

1. Niggle and Parish’s Houses in the country.

2. Niggle in his shed.

3. Parish & Niggle talking – prior to bike ride (sketch)

4. Niggle on bike

5. The inspector and driver

6. On the train. (sketch)

7. In the ward

8. Breaking Rocks (sketch)

9. Niggle lying listening to ‘the voices’

10. Niggle and Guard

11. Niggle’s bike with label (sketch)

12. Seeing the tree

13. Niggle and Parish working by the tree

14. Walking together (sketch)

15. Niggle goes on

16. Burnt piece of canvas

17. Final sketch of the sign (Niggle’s Parish).

Okay, so there are probably more than is needed for such a short story but hey, I’m an amateur 😉

Now all I have to do is get together some reference pics then start sketching – working out what Niggle looks like is proving to be a problem, but something will come along…..

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  1. Lynnette Hoppie

    When i was a 5th grader, my reading book had a story in it called Niggle’s Painting. It stuck with me forever, mostly because of the awesome illustrations that came with the story. I never knew it was jrr tolkien. When i was 19 i scoured ASU’s library section of elementary books hopping to find the story. When the internet happened i posted questions. Only until the first of The Lord of the Ring movie came out did i find out it was Leaf by Niggle, but still cannot find the original elementary reading book or the illustrations. Even images i see now hold nothing to what i saw when i was 10 or 11. I finally read the story and im 42 now, and it still gave me hope for my future, so i am continuing my search. Hopefully you’ve done your own drawings and hope they came out well!

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