Going Downstream

Yesterday it rained, it rained in the morning, quite heavily from what I remember. It rained at lunchtime, still fairly heavily but I was hiding inside well away from the weather πŸ˜‰ It rained in the afternoon too, actually, it rained from early(ish) morning to early evening. Rain isn’t all that unusual for us around here, but it is unusual for me to be actually off the day after it rained and for me to have a little free time to go play in the stream through the wood πŸ™‚ So, this morning I pulled on my wellies, grabbed the camera and tripod and set off. I’d seen a likely spot for a few photographs but could not work out how to get to it, when I got there the solution was fairly easy, get into the stream further uphill and wander down the stream. It’s a while since I last wandered along a stream rather than by the side of it, and despite nearly falling a couple of times and water threatening to go over my wellies it was quite fun.

As I went downstream I paused a few times to take a photograph or two….

Downstream I

Downstream II

Downstream III

This next one reminds me of a painting, but I can’t remember which painting and who painted it :-/

Downstream IV

Finally I got to where I wanted to be…

Downstream V

There’s a softer version of this photograph which can be seen here.

As usual prints are available of these photographs, just get in touch if any catch your eye πŸ˜‰

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