Eyes of Tol in Gaurhoth

When I first saw the ‘wolves’ theme over at john-howe.com this scene sprang to mind, from Tolkien’s tale of Beren and Lúthien…

“Then Sauron stripped from the their disguise, and they stood before him naked and afraid. But though their kinds were revealed, Sauron could not discover their names or their purposes.

He cast them therefore into a deep pit, dark and silent, and threatened to slay them cruel, unless one would betray the truth to him. From time to time they saw two eyes kindled in the dark, and a werewolf devoured one of the companions; but none betrayed their lord.”

Eyes of Tol in Gaurhoth


Though if I were stuck in the pit, dark, silent and know that at any moment a werewolf could appear to eat me I’d have been shouting for a quiet tête-à-tête with Sauron on day one 😉

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