Stormcrow (or, getting ahead of myself)

I’m normally running behind on projects for some unknown reason, maybe because I’m easily distracted πŸ˜‰ this time however I’m ahead of the game. It probably won’t happen again for a long long time. So, the theme of the month for March on John Howe’s website is It was a Dark and Stormy Night….

Stormy weather, rough seas, high winds, all the meteorological excitement that a storm heralds. (You are also of course free to depict storm gods, storm crows, Flying Dutchmen and all manner of creatures and beings of the storm, on land or sea.

The words storm crows made me think of Gandalf, for obvious reasons, so I decided to try doodling Gandalf wandering in the rain one evening πŸ˜‰

Gandalf Storm Crow - watercolour

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