W. N. Hodgson – Website

This week I’ve been working on a bit of web design, it’s a site for a book ‘Climb Black Sail For Me’ based on the far too brief a life of W. N. Hodgson.

It was a fun site to work on, especially trying to create a pen and ink map for the header – actually it was one of those ideas that comes to you and you have to stop everything else until you’ve tried it out πŸ˜‰ glad I did now. Hopefully the website will spark plenty of interest in the book and we’ll see it on the shelves sometime soon, it’s such a shame that people like W. N. Hodgson who in the midst of fighting for his Country in some horrific conditions can still create wonderful poetry yet is not all that well known. When the weather is right I plan on wandering up Black Sail myself πŸ˜‰ If you have a moment though, pass on the link to this site you everyone you know http://www.w-n-hodgson.info/ and perhaps it won’t be too long until the book is on the shelves.

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