The moment of eclipse

I’d been at work all night but decided to set an early alarm to see if the weather was being kind enough to allow a view of the eclipse. When I wandered to the window it was cloudy and my thoughts turned back to the land of nod, but Hugo was looking hopeful so I picked up the lead and my camera then headed out. I received regular texts from Julie that the sky was getting lighter and gaps appearing so I wandered a bit more, then the cloud parted just enough to see the eclipsed Sun.

Through the cloud


There wasn’t much time but I did see it reflected in the pond and thought it worth a quick shot.

Reflected Eclipse I


I’m not sure what Hugo thought of the whole event, but I’m claiming this as him showing some scientific curiosity.

Even Hugo was cursious


Unfortunately it was all too brief and the Sun was getting brighter as the eclipse moved on.

Through the cloud II


I did manage one more of it reflected in the pond though 😉

Reflected Eclipse II

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