Meanwhile in Moria….

The theme of the month over on John Howe’s website was Fiat Lux “Light should be the focus of the theme, whether it’s shadows, flames, rising or setting suns or distant stars. Lots of possibilities, from Prometheus bringing fire to mankind to the lovely shadow cast by an object from the lamp on your table…” So, I wondered how little light was required to illustrate a scene – more specifically if I could get away with using as little light as possible. Turns out it is quite difficult at times and I ended up painting areas far too light 😉 anyway… this is Gandalf as he sits through the ‘nights’ watch in the guard room during the Fellowships journey through Moria.


Acrylic on board 16 x 12 inch then some photoshop work to get the levels and tint I wanted but could not quite achieve with the brush.

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