31 days of ink

I didn’t intend to take part in inktober this year, or at least I didn’t plan on it, but it was fun to do in the end….

Bag End Chimney
Gandalf’s Hat
Bag End Outdoor Lamp
Bilbo’s Baccy Jar
Amon Sûl
Saruman Woz Here
Eöl plummeting past Caragdûr
Party Tree
Midgewater Marsh
When Niggle Doodles
The Red Book of Westmarch
Escape Route

Tyrn Gorthad.
Down Sandyman’s way
In a hole in the ground….
the eighth mound on the east-side of the Barrowfield
Before Boromir let it get broken in two.
Elven brooch
A bit of the Shire
On this day of the third age 2941
A gift for Sam
“Bring out the Ring, Frodo!”
Three-Farthing Stone
The Fair Valley
Aiya Eärendil elenion ancalima!
Niggle’s Studio

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