I’ve been writing a very small piece of text now for what feels like a stupid length of time. Normally if I decide to write something I just get on and do it, this time I’ve been distracted at every turn. This time however I have found the distractions an inspiration rather than an annoyance, the dry and somewhat musty text I was writing has become much more personal, it’s almost a biography of inspiration (which I imagine is a phrase that makes little sense to anyone).

I’m not sure if the text will end up being any more readable thanks to this diversion, but it’s been an interesting process so far; to the point where I can almost understand why some of the things that trigger my imagination do so.

It’ll be fair to say that I think about what inspires us a great deal, I don’t dwell on the subject for hours, but it’s a subject that makes me stop and think every now and then. The ability to focus that inspiration is a something I’ve yet to master.

Some days I’m glad I get distracted, because these distractions can lead to all sorts of places 😉

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