Today I will find an outlet for all that creative energy that bubbles and boils inside.
Perhaps I will sketch that landscape which drags me from reality and into those quiet Country lanes of my mind.
Perhaps I will paint another scene from Tolkien, as my mind is never far from Middle Earth these days.
Perhaps I will continue that short story that has been niggling away in my head for far too long.
Perhaps I will make and another small animation; well I know it’s called stop motion, but it can be all stop and not go.
Perhaps I will design that online gallery of mine, the one I started four years ago an got no further than per, par “by, through” + plural of hap “chance”. So I will through chance do something to release the creative flow, but maybe I’d better leave it until the morning…

…okay, procrastination (1540s), from the Latin procrastinationem “a putting off,” noun of action from procrastinare “put off till tomorrow,” from pro– “forward” + crastinus “belonging to tomorrow,” from cras “tomorrow,” of unknown origin. Quite apt really 🙂

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