Painting Niggle

Trying to think of painting leaves without thinking about Niggle (as in Niggle from Tree & Leaf by J. R. R. Tolkien) and his tree is almost impossible for me, and so when I saw the theme of the month was Into the Green over at John Howe’s website my mind turned to Niggle and what he would paint. For some reason I did not want to paint his tree, or a segment of it, but illustrate him painting part of the tree. I probably spent more time on the leaves than I should have done, but it was quite a fun painting to do so I’m not complaining 😉


A3 Watercolour.

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3 Thoughts to “Painting Niggle”

  1. tamf

    LOVE IT (so does my capslock apparently). great idea and well executed — it’s like i can almost touch the hand, as well as the painted tree.

    1. Thanks Tamf, it did work out quite well in places.

  2. Wow Graeme, I just saw your painting on the flavours of last month and how glad I am you were chosen! Because I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise. That is absolutely FANTASTIC, Graeme. Congratulations!

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