The Forgotten Gate

A sketch that really got out of hand, the Forgotten Gate 😉

You wander down an old cobbled road, passing on the way a row of grand looking houses with well tended gardens stretching out in front of them. Slowly the grand houses give way to smaller houses that are in need of some T.L.C., their small gardens are overgrown with long grass and weed and the cobbled road is in need of repair. The smaller houses end as does the cobbled road and in front of you there is a dirt track with lined with gnarled oak trees draped with ivy, it’s a dry day and the wind keeps blowing tendrils of dust from the ground into your eyes. You’re about to give up, run back to civilization then you notice the trees stop abruptly as the dirt track winds its way up a small hill.  As you approach the top of the hill you notice a wooden fence running across the hilltop and a broken gate dangling from a single hinge.  Then the memories come flooding back, you’d been this way before, what feels like almost a lifetime ago. This is the road that leads to a World of adventure and exploration, a World of mystery where every step reveals new opportunities and possibilities. You try to think back to the last time you came this way, but the mists of time have blurred your memories, but you feel a pang of regret for all the times you could have opened that old gate and stepped into that other World. With a sigh you turn from the gate meaning to make your way back along the lane, then you pause and step up to the gateway, well, one more adventure can’t hurt 😉

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2 Thoughts to “The Forgotten Gate”

  1. Dean

    I love it. 🙂

    1. Thanks Dean, just shows where a quick scribble can go.

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