This morning I had an early wander, the Sun had yet to show her face and the Moon wasn’t giving off much light yet there was still enough to see by. By the time I’d wandered through the wood I could see mist starting to rise from the fields and fill the hollows between the small hills. So I took a few photographs, but the light wasn’t there and the photographs looked flat. I wandered on a bit further hoping that there would be enough light to make the mist worth photographing but every shot I took was what I can only describe as pants. After a while I gave up and continued the walk, Hugo didn’t care much about mist and photographs anyway 😉

A short while later and I was setting off to the shop for a few supplies and I threw the camera bag in the car pretty much on the off chance there would be something worth photographing. Luckily the road I normally take was closed and I had to divert down the hill, I say luckily because otherwise I’d never have seen the Sun rising over the Pennines illuminating the mist which was shrouding Langwathby.

Misty Morning I

Misty Morning II

Misty Morning III

Misty Morning IV

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