“The light looks good on the Pennines….”

I look up from my iPad, pausing a game bookmarking the quantum field theory article for later, and look out the window. Julie was right, the last rays before the Sun started to set were hitting a small patch of the Pennines and I pushed my digital distraction aside and pulled out the camera bag all the while glancing at the view out of the window.  As I open the camera bag the light changes, and the hills are almost lost in shadow, but knowing how quickly it can change I carry on.

No wait a moment, I’ve the wrong lens on the camera, I quickly open the camera bag and change the lens. The light has changed again, now there’s just a thin point of light catching the summit of Knock which looked quite impressive.

The camera display flashes -E- when I turn it on, then I remember I’d left the memory card by the computer earlier. Card inserted I turn back to the window, the light has gone and the Pennines are in shadow. So I stand by the window and wait…..

….and wait

…….and wait

…………and wait, until the cloud breaks and enough sunlight escapes to illuminate the distant hills.

A few hours later and I was looking at the photographs when I started to wonder about windows, not the operating system as I have better things to do with my days than think about Microsoft products 😉 (though I did get a phone call this morning from a nice chap who wanted to help clean my Windows computer as it was badly infected with a virus).

The etymology* of window (n) says, early 13c., literally “wind eye,” from Old Norse vindauga, from vindr “wind”. Replaced Old English eagþyrl, literally “eye-hole,” and eagduru, literally “eye-door.” Eagþyrl and Eagduru conjour up excellent mental images, and I’m they’ll haunt my dreams in the near future. Anyway this is what I took through the eagþyrl –

Last Light

And this is what I took through the eagduru this morning –

Morning Panoramic



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